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China says manufacturing activity expanded in March
Analysts polled by Reuters had expected the official PMI to come in at 45 for the month of March, from a record low of 35.7 a month earlier.

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Oil crashes to 18-year low as broken market drowns in crude
Oil tumbled to an 18-year low as coronavirus lockdowns cascaded through the world?s largest economies, leaving the market overwhelmed by cratering demand and a ballooning surplus.

These states are the most financially prepared for a recession
Some states have a stronger financial situation than others, based on fiscal data from the US Census Bureau.

Why some of America's best-known companies won't qualify for bailout
Already, more than half of companies that borrow through corporate bond markets aren?t eligible to get help from the Fed under its current rules.

Half of world?s airline capacity grounded by virus, OAG says
The global airline industry is operating with less than half the capacity it had in mid-January after slashing another 20 million seats from scheduled services last week, according to OAG Aviation Worldwide.

Coronavirus lockdowns are making the working day longer for many
Working from the home due to coronavirus lockdowns around the world means people many are spending more hours at their desk, according to data.

How will America pay for $2 trillion stimulus package?
Where will all that money for massive amounts of health and economic aid come from? Can America afford the added debt?

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