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Carl Icahn steps down as adviser to President Trump
<p>Carl Icahn has stepped down from his role as a special adviser to President Donald Trump, the billionaire investor announced on Friday.</p>

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A $2,500 tax credit for students has a few pitfalls
Planning early in the school year may help families avoid complications at tax time, financial planners and student aid experts say.

Christie Brinkley to sell $50 million in Hamptons real estate
Supermodel Christie Brinkley is selling not one but two historic estates in the Hamptons.

Barclays puts in sensors to see which bankers are at their desks
Barclays Plc has installed devices that track how often bankers are at their desks.

What Swedes give up for 'free' money
When the state treats childrearing like a job, make sure you don?t run afoul of the boss.

Stocks close lower after bouncing on Bannon's exit
Steve Bannon is now out of the Trump administration, which lifted stocks off their lows but ultimately lower for the second straight week.

Walmart seeks patent for blimp-style floating warehouse
<p>Walmart has opened a new front in its battle with Amazon.</p>

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