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Trump warns Wall Street his defeat would endanger market gains
<p>President Donald Trump delivered a stump speech aimed at Wall Street, touting his economic record to an audience of executives and economists while warning that a Democratic victory in 2020 would endanger stock market gains.</p>

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The 5 college majors students most regret picking
English, communications, biological sciences and law were among the most regretted college majors, according to a recent survey. On the upside, students who focused on computer science, business, engineering and health administration felt very good about their choices.

Why US miners are still digging new coal mines as prices plunge
As coal prices tumble and bankruptcies rise, a few U.S. miners are still pushing ahead with plans to expand.

'Priceless' finds that turned out to be worthless
From a bottle of rare Scotch whisky to a fake Picasso painting, we take a look at items from around the world that were believed to be highly valuable... but turned out to be worthless.

One of America's biggest solar panel makers quits manufacturing
SunPower Corp., one of America?s largest solar-panel makers, is giving up its manufacturing business to focus on installing rooftop solar systems.

Dow closes perfectly unchanged, a rare occasion on Wall Street
The 30-stock average closed flat going out at least six decimal places. It was the first unchanged close for the Dow since April 24, 2014.

No. 1 milk company declares bankruptcy amid drop in demand
<p>Dean Foods blamed a decadeslong drop in milk consumption that has seen people turn to alternatives like soda, juice and almond milk.</p>

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