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Here's the net worth of the average American family
Americans say it takes an average net worth of $2.27 million to be considered "wealthy." Here's how much money U.S. families actually have at every age.

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3 tips to protect your investments, no matter how you invest
Whether you choose to manage your investments or hire an adviser, here are three tips to ensure your 401(k) generates maximum returns.

8 signs that you should leave retirement
Not everyone is ready to quit working when they turn 65. Plenty of people need something more. Here's how to get it.

This beautiful Italian village is offering homes for under $2
If you?ve ever dreamed of packing up and heading for the quaint Italian countryside, you?re not alone. Unfortunately, it?s just not in the cards for most people. For one, It?s not cheap to pack up your life and take it across the pond, and of...

Money blunders people make in their 40s
Solve 40-something money problems with helpful money solutions.

Is sea rise wrecking coastal home values? The answer: Maybe
Some research suggests rising sea levels and flooding brought by global warming are harming coastal property values, but how much is an open question.

Nike responds to backlash over maternity leave policy
Nike tells female athletes to dream big ? until they want a baby, Olympic runner Alysia Montano alleges

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