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PG&E strikes deal with creditors over restructuring
PG&E strikes deal with creditors over restructuring

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Mark Cuban explains how you'll know the rally is over
"I think interest rates will tell us what's going to happen next in the market," billionaire Mark Cuban told CNBC.

Coca-Cola will not stop using single-use plastic bottles
The beverage company said it will continue using the plastic bottles to accommodate customers.

The biggest cities and counties to have gone bankrupt
Detroit famously declared itself bankrupt in 2013, but it?s by no means alone. While not very common, cities and counties can file Chapter 9 bankruptcy when unable to pay their bills.

The way your company can offer health insurance is changing
PennyGem?s Elizabeth Keatinge tells us about the new way your company can offer health insurance that you may not know about.

Justin Donald is the investment world's new Warren Buffet
10 business commandments from lifestyle investor Justin Donald.

The most popular ages to collect Social Security
Here?s how your retirement benefit changes depending on the age you claim it.

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