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TurtleTrader Switzerland

Turtle Trading for Stocks and Commodities in Switzerland.

The Swiss Futures and Options Association (SFOA)

Swiss Commodities, Futures and Options Association- was founded in 1979 as a non-profit professional association for the purpose of promoting derivative financial instruments, particularly standard futures and options contracts on financial instruments and commodities, to the widest possible audience, and to serve the interests of its members.

Swiss Consulting Group

The explosion of free markets worldwide, the unparalleled access to knowledge through the Internet, and the flattening of organizational hierarchies give each of us the opportunity to express leadership unlike ever before. We can now shape our own destinies and those of our organizations to an extent never before thought possible. | online mini futures | forex trading

Altin AG

ALTIN AG is one of Switzerland's leading alternative investment companies and allocates its assets to a range of funds mainly in the field of alternative investment strategies. Its aim is to generate an absolute compound annual return in USD terms, with a lower volatility than equity markets. ALTIN trades on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 2 August 1996 and on the London Stock Exchange since 31 December 2001.

ICON Group International

Global Reports on Trade, Finance, Labor, and Strategy. ICG Affiliate. Switzerland

Switzerland Financial Markets: Swiss Stocks, Switzerland Bonds, Swiss Franc Exchange Rate.

The Trading Zone

Swiss financial information.

Deriwatt - Futures - Exchanges Trading

As a holder of the Swiss securities dealers licence, Deriwatt is under direct supervision of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission.

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