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Top 50 Options Trading Blogs

Options trading is one of the most resorted to measure of making money in a market that is constantly and consistently fluctuating. What else do you need, when you have the time to exercise your right at a price that you are willing to trade at? There is one thing that you still need – the knowledge to understand how online traders work.

There are quite a few things that you need to rote before you begin trading options online. Firstly, in case you are a beginner, there is absolutely no place for carelessness. However, there is a lot of scope for learning. The most common of the blunders that amateur option traders commit is that not being properly capitalized. It is impractical hoping that one can convert $200 to $2000 in a few days.

Secondly, one needs to understand the key to success of online options trading is having a low risk tolerance. A commodity option broker is always on the hunt for times and scenarios when there is a low risk and high return situation prevailing. There is no tip-toeing around highly risky trades. The online option traders need that they have the highest probability of success to their favor.
Planning does work pretty well when it is a matter of Options Trading. Therefore, having a plan in written, means that there will rarely be a problem in understanding market behavior, or rather how to deal with it. Whether you wish to put on bull call or take to some other trading strategy should be something very clear in your head. Even your gut feeling should be put in paper so that you can analyze what worked out and what failed.

Many successful Option Traders trade only when they are provided with an opportunity by the markets. Since, they are averse to risk; they need to be innately patient for the right moment when the risk of exercising an option is the minimum.
Cannon Trading (, analyzes and assists the "Top 50 Option Trading Blogs" online. The CA based Cannon Futures Trading firm had earlier come out with a list of "Top 100 Future Trading Blogs" on the Internet. Read through for some expert help and advice.

  1. Stock, Option and Futures Trading -
  2. Volatility Futures & Options -
  3. The Oil Drum -
  4. Minyanville -
  5. Platts -
  6. Schaeffer’s Options Center -
  7. Options Xpress -
  8. FuturesMag -
  9. Trade King -
  10. Allyall -
  11. Option Monster -
  12. Forex Blog -
  13. Phil’s Stock World -
  14. Options Click -
  15. The Upfront Blog -
  16. The Blue Collar Investor -
  17. GoldAlert -
  18. Condor Options -
  19. -
  20. What’s Trading? -
  21. SMB U -
  22. -
  23. Investing With Options -
  24. Technical Traders -
  25. Gold and Silver Blog -
  26. 1 Option -
  27. Market Taker Mentoring -
  28. Options University -
  29. Trading Concepts -
  30. The Evil Speculator -
  31. Steady Options -
  32. Option Pit -
  33. Sheridan Options Mentoring -
  34. VIX Views -
  35. Distressed Volatility -
  36. Trade Futures Online -
  37. Power Options -
  38. Options for Rookies -
  39. Market Playground -
  40. Silver Strategies -
  41. Surly Trader -
  42. SJ Options -
  43. Stock Options Trading -
  44. Trading Pub -
  45. OptionPundit -
  46. The Intelligent Investor -
  47. Option Matters -
  48. My Trader’s Journal -
  49. Wang’s Happy Trading -
  50. Option Trading IQ -

Cannon Trading will soon reveal the "Top Gold Investing Blogs" list. If you own a Gold Investing Blogs or you know an amazing Gold Investing Blogs that must qualify the list, share with us on



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