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Chicago Mercantile Exchange

We are committed to being a premier global marketplace for financial instruments, commodities and securities and an infrastructure provider and partner in the business-to-business marketplace. We will serve and empower our customers by providing focused technology and unsurpassed clearing services, innovative products and fair, transparent and efficient markets.

The Chicago Board of Trade

The Chicago Board of Trade, the world's premier futures and options exchange, is unmatched in its ability to service global investors. Agricultural commodities, interest rate instruments and equities indexes are just some of the products traded on the exchange.

Chicago Board Options Exchange

As the largest options marketplace in the world, CBOE has emerged as the premier example of technological innovation in the securities industry. | online mini futures | full service & online futures trading

About This Section

Commodity exchanges deal in "soft" commodities such as; grain, cocoa, coffee, sugar, cotton, wool, jute, rubber, pork bellies, crude oil, etc... Precious metals include gold, silver; aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc (also called commodity markets) Metals are also in other "hard" commodities. Commodity exchanges are for the sale and purchase of contracts that include commodities from anywhere in the world and at any time. Major world commodity exchanges are in United States and United Kingdom. Global exchanges in United Kingdom are International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), Futures and Options Exchange (London FOX), London Metal Exchange (LME). Other global exchanges are Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE) in Canada, Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE) in Japan, etc. You can find more information on regarding other global exchanges. Domestic exchanges in the United States are as follow: Chicago (Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Mid America Commodity Exchange (MIDAM)), New York (New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange (CSCE)), Kansas City (Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT)), Minneapolis (Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGE).. The team has listed all the global and domestic exchanges for our visitors to learn more about global and domestic commodity exchanges.

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Philadelphia Stock Exchange web site,, features: products, news, publications, events, quotes and marketplace trading information.

The Chicago Stock Exchange

The Chicago Stock Exchange has more than 4500 issues available for trading. 1999 was a record breaking year with over 14 billion shares traded and 30 million trades executed, solidifying the Exchange's position as the second-largest stock exchange in the U.S.

Citrus Fruit and Commodity Market of Valencia

A division of Meff.

The Trading Zone

Spanish Options Exchange

A division of Meff.

Liffe- UK Futures & Options Exchange

The London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange. The exchange provides a central market place for the trading for financial, euqity and non-financial futures and options via the LIFFE Connect (TM) electronic trading system.

Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited

The Exchange operates futures and options markets on a broad range of products including equity index, stock, interest rate and foreign currency derivative products. These products are all traded electronically on the Exchange's Hong Kong Futures Automated Trading System (HKATS).

Rosario Futures Exchange

Argentina Futures and options contract on soybeans, cash settled against the spot price at Rosario, where 75 % of the argentine soybeans crop is cash traded.

Buenos Aires Futures Market

Buenos Aires Grains Association's in Argentina

The Commodities & Futures Exchange

Brazil's Commodities and Futures Exchange

Athens Derivatives Exchange

In ADEX, three types of futures contracts are traded: Futures on the FTSE/ASE-20 index, Futures on the FTSE/ASE Mid 40 index and Futures on the 10-year Hellenic Republic Bond.

The Budapest Commodity Exchange

The Budapest Commodity Exchange has both a grain and livestock section to the market exchange.

The Montreal Exchange

The Montreal Exchange is a Canadian marketplace for equities, options and future contracts.

The New York Board of Trade

NYBOT is home to the Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange.

Commodity Exchange, Inc.

COMEX Division offers information on gold, silver, copper, Aluminum or the Eurotop 100 and 300 indexes.


A division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Kansas City Board of Trade

At the KCBT, futures and options contracts are traded on hard red winter wheat, the Value Line∆ Index of around 1,650 stocks, natural gas, and the ISDEX∆ Internet stock index.

Minneapolis Grain Exchange

The Grain Exchange boasts the only authorized market for Hard Red Spring Wheat, White Wheat and Durum futures and options, trading an average of twenty million bushels daily. It is also the largest cash exchange market in the world, trading a daily average of one million bushels of grain including wheat, barley, oats, durum, rye, sunflower seeds, flax, corn, soybeans, millet, and milo.

New York Futures Exchange

A division of the New York Board of Trade

Nasdaq Stock Market

The Nasdaq Stock Market is the market of choice for business industry leaders worldwide. By providing an efficient environment for raising capital, Nasdaq has helped thousands of companies achieve their desired growth and successfully make the leap into public ownership.

Pacific Stock Exchange, Inc

The Pacific Exchange (PCX) is a marketplace where individual and institutional investors, professional broker-dealers, and registered member firms meet to buy and sell more than 2,500 stocks, bonds and other securities issued by publicly traded companies, as well as options on more than 800 stocks.


French Options and Futures Exchange


The MATIF contributes to the development of the farming and agribusiness sectors.

Tokyo Commodity Exchange

TOCOM trades futues on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, aluminum, rubber, cotton and wool. Includes market data, contract specifications and a business calendar.

Sydney Futures Exchange

SFE announces a range of product and service initiatives designed to strengthen its position as one of the leading derivatives exchanges and clearing houses in the Asia Pacific region.

New York Mercantile Exchange

The New York Mercantile Exchange is the world's largest physical commodity futures exchange, and the preeminent trading forum for energy, and precious metals, in North America.

Tokyo Grain Exchange

One of the leading commodity Futures Exchanges in Asia, the Tokyo Grain Exchange is a non-profit membership organization presently trading corn, Non-GMO soybean, U.S. soybean, azuki(red beans), arabica coffee, robusta coffee and raw sugar futures. Options on corn, U.S. soybeans and raw sugar futures are also being traded.

South African Futures Exchange

As South Africa opens up to the international standards for financial markets, we aim to continually enhance the facilities offered for trading derivatives to the local and international community alike.

New York Cotton Exchange

A division of the New York Board of Trade.

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