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Trend Reflection

Trend Reflection is The Leading Investment Software Company serving traders worldwide. Our software is 100% objective and easy to use. Trend Reflection's software is profit focused and fully mechanical. System performance is documented.

Nexgen Software - T-3 Fibs ProTrader

The site offers information about the fully automated fibonacci analysis software , T-3 Fibs ProTrader - Free educational videos - trading plans - live chat room and demo software sign up pages.


Professional online daytrading and institutional direct access accounts with REDIPlus trades and execution, real-time level two quotes, news and charts. | forex trading | full service & online futures trading

Omega Research

Omega Research is a leading producer of real-time investment analysis software. Free internet trading seminars and risk-free trials are available. Free Internet trading seminars and risk-free trials are available.


This site offers software tools for traders and investors who wish to tap into the virtually unlimited wealth of financial information on the Internet. The TradeLogic Financial Suite is designed for both the casual and seasoned trader enabling them to design their own distinct trading environment, complete with access to real-time or delayed quotes.

Derivicom, Inc.

A leading provider of financial software tools designed to improve your portfolio and risk management systems, including advanced derivative analytics, financial add-ins and analytical libraries.

Elle's Patio Furniture


This site offers professional software in the investment trading industry. Optionomics packages allow the FCM to distribute client position information securely over the Internet, in addition to providing global risk management systems, floor trader systems, institutional systems and non-professional systems.

Investor World

This site specializes in MetaStock Day Trading Software for stocks, options and futures solutions for trading systems.


Tradesignals provides systematic trading systems and analysis to professional and private futures investors using the Internet as a cost efficient delivery mechanism. This site currently publishes daily six trading systems and three types of futures studies. Tradesignals offers free trials of their trading systems including long term trend following, S&P mini day Trading Systems, and portfolio analysis.


Home of BondTrac analysis software, but free services include screening of municipal, corporate and government bonds by a variety of search criteria.


Offers a Windows-based software program for finding and analyzing fixed income securities.

The Sawhney Group

The Sawhney Group has been a leader in developing products and applications in the financial services industry, telecommunication services industry and providing management consulting services since 1976.


TraderBot tracks real-time quotes, real-time news and historic data for all publicly traded stocks., Inc.

Speed Trader offers FREE level II quotes, streaming real-time quotes, intra-day charting, point and click executions, fast confirmations, and low commissions. SpeedTrader gives active investors direct access to the markets. Tradee with SPEED!

TradingIn is an advising service, designed to provide stock signals via our website, eliminating guessing and emotional decisions for day traders. We provide daily short term picks of NYSE or Nasdaq stocks with a disciplined approach.

This innovative site provides serious traders real time market information on U.S. equities through a custom live news feed and database that includes: recommendations, rumors, analyst meetings, syndicate, IPOs, conferences and much more. Like a fly-on-the-wall, it simply reports significant information without the hype.

Data Shaping Solutions, LLC

State of the art online system of trading strategies, providing daily buy and sell prices for widely held stocks.

Essex Trading Company, Ltd.

Developers of the award-winning Option Pro and Futures Pro Trading Software.

Advanced Trading Strategies

First online strategy platform for stock traders. Emphasis is on advanced statistical techniques. The platform provides daily buy and sell signals for widely held stocks. It also allows the sophisticated trader to design his/her own strategies online.

TBOTS enables investors to simulate their own trading ideas on decades of historic data and to track them on a continuous basis. TBOTS is easy to use, fully internet based and doesn't require programming or data feeds.

Media Bureau Network

An online network of companies that provides services to business and Government, interactive development, streaming media solutions and digital content management.

Trade Wall Street, Inc.

Attention International Firm: Please take some time to review our services at Trade Wall Street. We provide real-time online trading systems to the US Markets offering ECN Level 2 order entry (5 platforms and we customize for you), liquidity through market maker relationships, and other institutional services. We can customize trading routes for your requests to help you uncover liquidity for your trading in the US Markets.

Estokzme Fz LLC.

Alternative trading strategies and description support.


Investment tools for Microsoft Excel. 140+ technical analysis functions. Free U.S., European and Canadian historical price data for stocks, mutual funds, corporate bonds, major U.S. and World indices, options. Portfolio tracker.


Stock daytrading course and software.

TS Partners, Inc.

TRAN*STAR: Full-function PC-based shareholder accounting software for stock transfer and corporate trust processing.

Market Signals

The Market Signals System is a new and innovative trading tool, the product of 10 years of intensive research on commodities markets.

Tools for Money

Free professionally selected mutual fund picks for 20+ asset classes. Sophisticated software tools for money management. For consumers: investment, asset allocation, retirement planning, real estate, pension ratio, and other financial calculators. For professionals: investment policy statements, fact finders, seminar, and model portfolio trackers. Secure online credit card ordering.


This company is founded on a belief in you, the individual. We believe you have unlimited EARNING potential and unlimited LEARNING potential.

Nirvana Systems, Inc.

At Nirvana Systems, we are dedicated to helping individual investors make money no matter what the stock market is doing by learning to "Trade the Moves." Trading the Moves through the application of sound technical analysis principles is the core philosophy of Nirvana Systems.

Grail Global Trading System

Grail is a collection of trading systems for global derivative markets. A subscription service offers signals for variety of commodity and futures markets.

Absolute Daytrader

Online daytrading, stock and option investment recommendations, equity trading, swing trading and proven stock advice from our company.

Real World Financial Software

Financial Planning Software, financial calculators, investment calculators, budgeting, and other money tools for consumers and more.

Local Energy Trading

LETS refers to Local Energy Trading Systems and involve non-monetary transactions between members to exchange goods and services. There are many LETS systems throughout the world which have implemented this principle of non-monetary resource exchange.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is the trusted leader in delivering actionable information solutions that drive your business to success

Best Choice Software

How do you find investments that return over 100% a year?


E&O EPL and D&O insurance for tech, software and biotech firms.

Stocktrade Network

Lieber & Weissman Sec., LLC provides stock clearing & execution services for professional traders & trading groups. We feature SLK "REDI+" and "ROX" software. 10 to 1 margin for daytrading. Basket trading. Full remote access. For professional traders only.

Elliott Wave International

Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is one of the world's largest providers of market research and technical analysis. Its staff of full-time analysts provides global market analysis via electronic on-line services to institutional investors 24 hours a day. EWI also provides educational services that include periodic conferences, intensive workshops, video tapes, special reports and books.

Stock Software

Stock Software is a contracting company specialising in quality software design and development. We fulfil small to medium sized contracts, providing a comprehensive range of services from consultancy and requirements gathering to design and implementation


Since 1999 Moneybags has been supporting thousands of investors with exceptional customer service and the highest quality products. Whether you are looking for the latest book, buying a seminar ticket or chasing the best deal on Australia's largest range of investment software -


OptionVue Systems International offers an array of tools for the options trader. This site offers a bi-monthly newsletter which brings subscribers valuable trading strategies, education and software tips, as well as software to seminars. Since 1983 Optionvue Systems has created award-winning software for professional options traders, individual investors and money managers.

Ozstock Software

Reviews of the latest software.


Carbonsimsm conducts a number of regional internet based greenhouse gas emissions trading simulations throughout the year. These simulations - which are held in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, the Nordic countries, and the United Kingdom - give participants a practical insight into how a future emissions trading regime might work, and what the ramifications of it might be.

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