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Student Loan Provider

By clicking below, you can consolidate your Student Loans to one convenient loan and reduce your interest rate by up to 1.25%.

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About This Section

Need a student Loan to pay for your education? Here at you will find many student loan lenders to satisfy your needs.


Mortgage Lenders Forum

This is a forum that discuss about wide varieties of topics regarding real estate. This is forum you will find topics regarding, how do I find the best mortgage interest rate, is the real estate boom over, how to get wealth with passive income, investing in real estate and etc... Come join the discussions and become one of the investing group.

Loan To Learn

What is it about the Loan to Learn programs that revolutionized student lending and helped thousands of families pay for college?

Cannon Trading

National City Student Loan

Since today's college students were born, tuition alone has shot up 267%1, and sources of financial aid have not kept up. But a National City private student loan can help:

Federal Perkin Loan

A Federal Perkins Loan is a low-interest (5 percent) loan for both undergraduate and graduate students with financial need. Your school is your lender. The loan is made with government funds with a share contributed by the school. You must repay this loan to your school.

William D. Ford Direct Loan Program

Welcome to the homepage of the U.S. Department of Education's Direct Loan Program, which provides loans to help students pay for education after high school. The Department of Education acts as a lender, providing funds for Stafford loans (for students) and PLUS loans (for parents) in the same amounts as the Stafford and PLUS loans offered through the Federal Family Education Loan Program. (In the FFEL Program banks and other private lenders provide these loans.)

stafford Loans

Stafford Loans are a major form of self-help aid for students. Depending on the school you attend, your Stafford Loans may be made either through the Direct Loan Program or through the FFEL Program. Generally, schools participate in the Direct Loan Program or the FFEL Program, but not both. Direct and FFEL Stafford Loans have identical eligibility requirement and loan limits. The major difference between the two programs is the source of the loan funds and repayment options. Under the Direct Loan Program, the U.S. government loans you the funds. Under the FFEL Program, the funds for your loan are lent to you from a private lender (a bank, credit union, or other lender that participates in the FFEL Program). Loan repayment options differ somewhat, see the the Direct Loan and FFEL Program section.

Plus Loans

PLUS Loans enable parents who do not have an adverse credit history to borrow to pay the education expenses of each child who is a dependent undergraduate student enrolled at least half time. PLUS Loans are available through both the Direct Loan and FFEL programs. Most of the benefits to parent borrowers are identical in the two programs.

Sallie Mae Student Loan

Sallie Mae®, the nation's leading provider of Student Loans, has helped millions of Americans achieve their dream of a higher education. The company primarily provides federal and private Student Loans, including consolidation loans, for undergraduate and graduate students and their parents. In addition, Sallie Mae offers comprehensive information and resources to assist students, parents and guidance professionals with the financial aid process. Sallie Mae currently owns or manages Student Loans for 10 million borrowers, and employs 10,000 individuals at offices nationwide.

National Student Loan Data System

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education's (ED's) central database for student aid. NSLDS receives data from schools, guaranty agencies, the Direct Loan program, the Pell Grant program, and other Department of ED programs. NSLDS Student Access provides a centralized, integrated view of Title IV loans and Pell grants so that recipients of Title IV Aid can access and inquire about their Title IV loans and/or Pell grant data.

Nellie Mae Student Loans

Nellie Mae helps you be brilliant by providing intelligent student loan programs to help families pay for college. We work in partnership with the brightest school administrators to make Student Loans accessible and offer timely guidance about borrowing wisely.

Student Loan Funding

Delivering what matters most … At Student Loan Funding education funding is our only business. We deliver more funding options and higher approval rates than any other student loan lender. Apply today for quick credit approval of your student loan:

Student Loan Xpress

Student Loan Xpress is an education finance leader dedicated to helping students and parents meet all of your college financing needs. Through Student Loan Xpress, you can learn more about financial aid, Student Loans, and paying for college—as well as student loan repayment options, interest rates, and borrower benefits.

The International Student Loan Program Center

Each year over 190,000 Americans study abroad and over 550,000 international students come to the USA to study. However, studying abroad often requires financial assistance for extra expenses such as travel, accommodations and materials, which can make it a greater financial commitment.

Student Assistance Foundation

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