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Financial Center Breaking News - NFL

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Congress seeking info from WFT investigation
A Congressional committee is seeking documents and information from the NFL regarding the investigation into the Washington Football Team's workplace culture.
Thu, 21 Oct 2021 20:06:44 EST

Mayfield's left shoulder has fracture on top of tear
Baker Mayfield says he suffered a a tuberosity fracture in his left shoulder in addition to a torn labrum.
Thu, 21 Oct 2021 20:06:44 EST

'Fish stinks': Judge blames self for Giants' woes
Joe Judge accepted blame for the Giants' struggles this season, saying "the fish stinks from the head down" while emphasizing that it's his responsibility as head coach to help turn things around.
Thu, 21 Oct 2021 20:06:43 EST

Jets' Maye doesn't want trade: 'Want to be here'
Jets safety Marcus Maye said Thursday that he doesn't want to be traded and told reporters that the team's brass "know I want to be here."
Thu, 21 Oct 2021 20:06:43 EST

Cards' Watt: Not facing same Texans I remember
J.J. Watt said Thursday that when he and the Cardinals face the Texans on Sunday, it won't be against a team he remembers because of the heavy roster turnover in Houston.
Thu, 21 Oct 2021 20:06:43 EST

Ex-Texans DE Mercilus has 'new life' with Packers
Former Houston Texans edge rusher Whitney Mercilus says signing with the Green Bay Packers has pumped him with "new life."
Thu, 21 Oct 2021 20:06:43 EST

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