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Taiwan Chamber of Commerce

Composed of 21 coutries & city Chamber of Commerce and 76 provincial trade associations.

Bank of Taiwan

The Bank of Taiwan (BOT) was established on May 20, 1946 as the first government-owned bank in Taiwan following the island's restoration to the Republic of China in 1945. It has now been in operation for 53 years.

Chinatrust Commercial Bank

Chinatrust Commercial Bank, the former China Securities Investment Corporation established in 1966, went through two organizational transformations; it was re-organized first as the China Investment & Trust Company in 1971 and renewed as the Chinatrust Commercial Bank in 1992. The financial institute's growth represents its continuous efforts to pursue innovation and to strive at providing customers with ever better financial services. | full service & online futures trading | forex trading

E.Sun Bank

Providing financial services to Taiwan. (in Cantonese)

Hua-Nan Bank

The Bank was established for the purpose of promoting both domestic and international investment, and as such maintained a Head Office in Taipei and subsequently set up branches in Canton, Haiphong, Saigon, Rangoon, Singapore, Tokyo,and other cities throughout Asia.

The International Commercial Bank of China

The International Commercial Bank of China is one of the most time-honored banks in the Republic of China. It was established under the name of "The Bank of China" during the first year of the foundation of the Republic of China in 1912, through the reorganization of the Ta Ching Bank and its predecessor, the Hupu Bank, (Hupu-literally means Finance Department of the imperial court of China in the early years.) set up during Ching Dynasty in 1904, which was the earliest government owned and operated bank ever established in China.

The Trading Zone

The Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank Ltd.

Our bank was established in Shanghai in 1915. With the concept of "Comforting your heart" in service, we have continuously kept in change to satisfy the needs of societies and customers and to offer a leading financila service. Our bank built up "Opening a banking account with one dollar," "The singal teller system," "Small amounts credit loan," for instance, that are sure to meet with customer approval and support, and became one of the country's largest private banks before the Sino-Japanese War.

Central Bank of China

Major Operations of the Central Bank of China: regulating financial conditions, implementing foreign exchange regulation and operations, examining financial institutions, issuing currency.

Taiwan Stock Exchange

Our mission is to maintain a fair, open and safe trading market and to provide innovative, efficient and superior services.

Nan Shan Life Services

Provides life insurance throughout Taiwan. (in Cantonese)

Cathay Life

Cathay Life was founded in September 1962. Over the years, due to the confidence and support of the public and government, Cathay Life has grown larger than its competitors both in business scope and organizational scale. Since 1985, Cathay Life has risen to become Taiwan's largest private enterprise.

Central Trust of China

The Central Trust of China (CTC) is a government-owned institution devoted to the implementation of government policy. It was established on October 1, 1935 with a capital of 10,000,000 Chinese dollars appropriated by the Central Bank of China, of which CTC was a subsidiary organ.

Global Credit Management

Global Credit Management Co. is recognized today among the leading credit management companies in Hong Kong. This rapid expansion is attributed to the professionalism of its staff and trust of our reputable clients, which include major banks, credit card companies, telecommunication companies, insurance comapies, hotels and other companies in the commercial sector.

The Taiwan Economic News

We provide the most current and comprehensive economic, financial, trade and industrial news information, among others, from Taiwan every Monday through Friday, helping you easily acquire a complete picture of business in Taiwan.

Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd

Offers job opportunities and professional advice on life insurance. (in Cantonese)

CIA -- The World Factbook: Taiwan

In 1895, military defeat forced China to cede Taiwan to Japan, however it reverted to Chinese control after World War II. Following the communist victory on the mainland in 1949, 2 million Nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a government that over five decades has gradually democratized and incorporated the native population within its structure. Throughout this period, the island has prospered to become one of East Asia's economic "Tigers." The dominant political issue continues to be the relationship between Taiwan and China and the question of eventual reunification.

Taiwan Tax Site

Information regarding taxes in Taiwan.

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