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Online foreign exchange and futures platform.

Bloomberg Website

Bloomberg Online features key-cross currency rate table for the ten major world currencies. Their updated chart allows you to quickly find the rate of exchange between any two of these currencies.

TAMB INTERNATIONAL, Inc., is an Internet based company dedicated to introducing the foreign currency exchange (FOREX) market to self-traders, brokers, financial institutions, and enabling them to trade currencies online & over phone. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of trade execution and the tools to make intelligent trades. | full service & online futures trading | online mini futures

Global Forex Trading, Ltd.

Global Forex Trading, Ltd. (GFT) is a Forex dealer offering customers worldwide online access to the Interbank currency markets. GFT's impressive order entry software allows individual and institutional traders the ability to trade over 40 currency pairs 24 hours a day from anywhere they can obtain an internet connection or via a 24 hour dealer staffed order desk. Customers can enter virtually any kind of order via the order entry software and receive dealer quotes in seconds on a wide range of markets.

Bank For International Settlements

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has been a central banking institution which is unique at the international level. It is owned and controlled by central banks and provides a number of highly specialised services to central banks and, through them, to the international financial system more generally.

CNN Financial Network

The CNN Financial Network has a powerful currency converter that allows you to select from among dozens of currencies. Input the two currencies of your choice, and the amount you wish to convert, and they will tell you the value in the new currency.

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OANDA Currency Converter provides free currency conversions all 164 world currencies, plus charts, advanced foreign exchange forecast, trader advisories, and historical data.

One of the world's leading forex websites. Free realtime resources, advanced online Forex Trading. Instant quotation of spot, forward and OTC forex options.

Currency Management Corporation

Currency Management Corporation is a full-featured online trading service specializing in the currencies of the world. Their well designed web site provides free news and trading advice, however, you must download their software before you can trade online.

Forex Capital Management

Forex brokers specializing in speculations and risk management services. Free historical database and trading software.

GAIN Capital

GAIN Capital is an online Foreign Exchange market maker, offering institutional and private investors access to 24 hour, commission-free Forex dealing, with a 5 pip or less spread and real-time execution from live two-way quotes.

Choice FX

The first, truly equitable, real-time currency trading network. Now you can use their FREE software to trade and/or make markets via the Internet!

Capital Market Services, Inc.

24-hour online currency trading, free and unlimited demo account, $1000 minimum investment, multilingual trading school with classroom and correspondence forms of education.


The premier curreny ECN. Hotspot FX shows its customers the entire depth of our market while providing interbank spreads or better and constant liquidity 24 hours a day. Our platform encourages its customers to place bids and offers thus earning spread and paying no commission.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Federal Reserve Bank of New York offers information on foreign exchange along with news updates, banking information and helpful hints when trying to find a savings bond.

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